A Comparison of This Year’s Hottest Weight Loss Programs

Every year we see diet fads and weight loss gurus come and go.  Some weight loss programs really work and their popularity continues, while others come and go without making more than a short lived splash.  Some of the hottest weight loss programs don’t work as well as proven weight loss plans that are not as dramatic.  Here we compare weight loss programs that have made news, including detox diets, fasting and diets that focus on cutting out one type of food.

Fasting Fads

Fasting in general has been given a lot of bandwidth in the weight loss world this year. It is a kind of detox diet, giving the body a break during the week.  The 5:2 diet has been very popular.  Eat a healthy, normal diet five days a week and then cut down to very few calories for the remaining two days; 600 calories for men and 500 for women. This type of fasting diet can be a strain.

Another fasting weight loss plan is a bit more practical.  The 14:10 strategy is to have three solid meals during 10 hours of the day with no snacking, and then to stop eating for 14 hours. No snacks or food at all after 7 p.m. and then breakfast can happen at 9 a.m.  When you compare weight loss programs, the 14:10 diet is probably healthier and will keep you happier than the 5:2 diet.

Paleo, Carb-Free, or Sugar-Free?

A lot of diets these days focus on sugars or complex carbohydrates rather than being fat free.  We now know that certain fats like those found in olive oil, eggs, fish, nuts and grains are actually very healthy. But does it make sense to swing in the opposite direction?  While some swear by Atkins or Paleo diets (and they can be proven weight loss plans) the long term becomes difficult.

When you compare weight loss programs, it’s better to choose something that you can sustain rather than something that feels like a stretch.

Detox diets are short term options and when you compare weight loss programs, the proven weight loss plans are ones that don’t just help you to lose weight, but help you to change your habits for the long term.  After all, you don’t want to just lose weight for one day – you want to stay at a lower, healthier weight for the rest of your life.