Recent Trends in the Weight Loss Industry

Obesity and being overweight are severe issues among the public today. While being overweight does harm to the body and overall well-being. Losing weight is a MUST in some health conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, joint troubles, and high cholesterol. Weight loss depends varies person to person and bodies respond differently to weight loss. Therefore, it is very important to select a weight loss program that solely focuses on your body and does not cater to all. There are many weight loss programs offered in the market which cause confusion and trying too many weight loss programs may lead to failure. Read more

What is EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) and how can it help me?

What is EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) and how can it help me?

Exercise with oxygen therapy shortly abbreviated as the EWOT is one the most effective and inexpensive method of physical exercise method. All beings on the earth depend upon oxygen for survival, the oxygen plays a vital source for the normal healthy functioning of our body. The latest research concluded that oxygen is not just the source of life but a truly gifted element. Did you know that Oxygen is capable of reducing the stage four cancers, slow down your aging process, improve your body healing rate and more? EWOT is one such therapy; it combines oxygen with exercise to stimulate your body cells to heal it. This article has enlisted details on how EWOT can help you. Read more

Achieve an Everlasting Weight Loss Success

Finding answers to the weight loss puzzle has never been easy. Generally, humans look for quick weight loss fixes and therefore pick up fad diets, crash diets and other shortcut methods without realizing the fact that diets alone may not work in the long run. Our bodies respond in a different manner to different foods. A diet that is effective for one person may not work for other. Read more

Healthy Fats

Have you ever heard the saying “everything in moderation”?  Well, there is some truth behind it when it comes to what you eat.  Take fats, for example — a lot of people believe they need to cut out fats from their diet completely or only consume “low fat” options.  This is not completely true.  Our bodies actually need “healthy fats” in moderation.  Learn more about this and the best sources for healthy fats below. Read more

Sitting Too Much Could Lead to Health Problems

Many people have jobs where they are sitting down for the majority of the day.  Besides back problems, too much sitting now allegedly causes or contributes to other health issues.  The article below dives into this topic and offers methods to counteract too much sitting and how to eradicate sitting for too long.  For some, sitting down most of the day at work might be unavoidable.  However, if you do other things suggested in this article you can find a happy balance. Read more

Leaky Gut and Its Triggers

For those of you who suffer from leaky gut or are at risk for it the foods you are eating could contain ingredients that are contributing to that.  Eating “clean” is a goal everyone should have, but we know that comes with challenges so the convenience of other foods/meals sometimes outweighs that goal.  Some ingredients that contribute to leaky gut may surprise you because of how common they are.  Learn about 7 additives that trigger leaky gut and how to avoid them in the article below. Read more

Fad Diets and The Risks

We all have at least heard of popular diets like Atkins and South Beach before, and some of you have maybe even tried them.  Our guess is that they didn’t provide you with the exact results you wanted or expected.  Why is this?  Well, unfortunately, fad diets bring a lot of dangers and risks with them.  Learn what those dangers are and why these diets don’t always work in the article below. Read more

You Can Boost Your Metabolism

The body’s metabolism does more than affect how one processes food and nutrients. A “slow” metabolism could be the result of many things including your genetics.  The good news is there are little things you can do to “boost” your metabolism to feel better and help you lose weight.  Read about them below and try them for yourself! Read more

Sugar Is In More Foods Than You Think

Sugar (artificial and real) is the culprit behind a lot of negative health effects like cavities and weight gain.  A lot of people try to monitor and control how much sugar they take in in order to lose weight or just feel better from the inside out.  However, sugar is hiding in more foods than you think.

Learn for yourself below and ask yourself if you are consuming too much sugar. Read more

Don’t Know Why You’re Hungry?

Do you experience feelings of hunger when you think you shouldn’t be hungry? There might be a reason that’s never even crossed your mind.  It could have to do with your environment, diet or your own body.  Consider everything mentioned below, and if you have questions or think this applies to you let us know and we can help!

Why Am I Hungry? Weird Things Stoking Your Appetite

“Why am I hungry … like all of the time?” Is that a question you’re asking a lot lately? That’s because weight loss is a bit more complicated than “calories in, calories out.” While that is certainly important, getting your hormones under control is key to stifle an out-of-control appetite.

Luckily, you’re not destined for a life of counting calories (and feeling starved all the time). Eating well, exercising and moving more during the day are key ways to lose weight. But there are other ways to start chipping away at those last few pounds, too. Here are some weird things that make you hungry. And how to start taking steps to reverse overeating …

Why Am I Hungry? 3 Weird Triggers

1. Salt

Eating salt makes you thirsty, right? Nope. A team of researchers from Vanderbilt University found that while excess salt intake can make you thirsty initially, after that your body actually starts producing and storing more of its own water. This forces the body to actually use a lot of fuel to break down muscle mass, fueling your hunger. This breakthrough finding changes what we know about salt and hunger and sheds new light on overeating and its harmful side effects. (1)

If you’re looking to lose weight fast, getting your salt intake under control is key.

2. Air Conditioning

There’s also a theory that air condition primes our body for overeating and weight gain. People seem to eat more in cold temperatures. Why? The body’s trying to stay warm. I get using air conditioning to avoid extreme and dangerous heat, but I wouldn’t make air conditioning a habit if you’re trying to lose weight.  (2, 3)

3. Certain Drugs

Certain medications could be fueling your appetite. Some allergy meds, insulin, steroids and even some blood pressure meds and anti-depressants are known to trigger hunger and weight gain. While you shouldn’t just get off of your meds without talking to your doctor, healing leaky gut can go a long way in actually reversing allergies and a long list of other symptoms. (Rather than just covering them up.) Working on gut repair can begin the process of healing the root cause of many ailments.(4)

How to Get Your Hunger Under Control

You can take several approaches to get reset your food cravings — and finally have some solutions for your “Why I am hungry?” question. You may want to work with your doctor to ID any hormone imbalances. But regardless of that, here are other things you can do:

Final Thoughts On the Question, “Why Am I Always Hungry?”

  • There are a number of surprising things that could be causing you to overeat.
  • Too much salt doesn’t make you thirsty, it actually triggers your body to produce and store more water, which takes lot of energy and makes you even hungrier.
  • Getting enough sleep, eating foods that balance your hormones and choosing appetite-suppressing foods and spices can help you avoid overeating.
  • Simple smelling grapefruit essential oil can actually help promote weight loss and lower hunger levels.

Source: Dr. Axe