16 Fascinating Myths About Weight Loss That People Still Believe

Obesity and overweight have become a major problem in today’s generation. According to the data by WHO, it shows that around 30% of the world population is suffering from obesity and overweight. This is quite a huge number. Nearly 40% of the youth is suffering from obesity.

The main reasons behind the rise in obesity conditions are mentioned below:

  • Non-healthy food habits
  • Less physical activities
  • Family history
  • Medical problems

These reasons are more prevalent in youngsters. Due to the advancement of technology, physical work has reduced drastically. All the work is done with the help of a computer. This makes people inactive. People are getting less time from work. So, they prefer fast food as it is convenient. Fast food contains high calories and various fatty acids which increase the weight. Moreover, people don’t get the appropriate amount of sleep. Sleep is important to digest the food. When proper sleep is not taken, fatty acid and calories are not burnt and they stay in the body. This causes many health-related problems like diabetes, heart attack, arthritis, etc. caused as a result of an unhealthy lifestyle.

Some people try to lose weight through various techniques. They try doing regular exercises such as cycling, swimming, and walking. Some people try yoga and join the gym. While others follow rigorous diets. But, they are not very effective. They keep on asking themselves, why?

The main reason behind not losing weight is that they believe in the false ideas. When they are on their weight loss regime, they follow the myths that make them gain more weight. There are many myths that people believe. Let me give you a brief rundown about them.

  • Eat less to shed more
    This is the most common myth everyone believes. But it is completely wrong. When people eat less for a long time, their hormones change. Hormones signal the body to slow the metabolism rate. When the metabolism rate is slowed, calories are not burnt. Instead, they are converted into fat for storage. Due to this weight increases.
  • Always miss breakfast
    According to the biologists, breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day. Most of the calories the body gets are from the breakfast. When people miss breakfast, they don’t get enough energy and they feel hungry. During other meals, people overeat to cover the loss of the breakfast, in turn, elevates the weight.
  • Diet pills are the way to go
    Diet supplements are popular and used by the people for weight loss. These things come in various types like pills, drinks, and capsules. Beware of these products. As these products contain ingredients and stimulants which are harmful to the body. Pills containing phentermine causes risks such as uneven heart rhythm, increasing blood pressure, and even seizures.
  • Consider all calories equal is a stigma
    Calories are the unit to measure energy. But it is completely wrong to believe that the food we eat has the same amount of calories every time. Eating oily food has different calories than eating a protein-rich food. Calories sources don’t have the same effect on the weight. Every meal we eat, has a different metabolic path. They play a key role in hunger and the hormonal changes.
  • Fast food is always UN-hygenic
    Not eating fast food for weight loss is good. But it is not necessary to eliminate it completely. Many food chain companies have created a healthy fast food option for diet conscious people. For example, they provide hamburgers which are served on lettuce instead of a bun to reduce the calories. Many restaurants provide salads without any dressing to lessen the calories of the salad.
  • It’s all about willpower
    People believe that the brain plays an important role in weight loss. It is true, but not completely. There are other aspects as well, that may cause weight gain. One of them is diseases. People suffering from hypothyroid are mostly unaware of the ailment. They make up their mind to lose weight by doing exercises. It never works out for them. As the problem is residing inside the body. It has various pathways for hormones and metabolic activities. For example, not taking the proper amount of leptin can lead to obesity. So, willpower and biology always work in synergy.
  • Cutting out sodas and alcohol
    Sodas and alcohol are considered as the calorie bombs. They contain a high amount of sugar, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives. But this doesn’t mean to cut it out completely. You can try a zero calorie soda. Even a couple of drinks every week is fine. As drinking has its own place with some benefits too.
  • Only juices and detoxes are fine
    A properly balanced diet is needed to maintain a good health. People have the misconception that taking fruit and vegetable juice will make them slim. That’s totally wrong. Fibers play an important role in maintaining body weight, cholesterol levels, and sugar levels. Juices are made from fruits and vegetables are void of fibers. So the only thing we get is sugar, vitamins, and minerals.
  • Cardio is the best method
    Exercise is necessary to reduce the weight. But that doesn’t mean to go for cardiovascular exercises. They are good for when we see the weight loss initially. After some time, it gets repetitive and the body adapts. As it is a low-intensity workout, it only targets slow twitch muscles. So, to reduce weight, a combination of cardio and strength workout should be done.
  • Thin people are healthy
    Many people have a fallacy that thin people have a healthy body. That’s completely false. Thin people too suffer from the diseases such as diabetes, osteoarthritis, and hypothyroid. They are even found to have weak muscles. Moreover, some obese people have better metabolic and immune system. The fat stored under the upper layer of the skin is a cosmetic problem and not an obesity problem.
  • When it’s linear, it’s weight loss
    People always believe that when they start losing weight it will remain constant. You won’t gain more weight. But, it doesn’t work that way. It is more of an unpredictable journey. For some weeks you may lose weight, while during others you gain some. It is not a matter of concern. The body weight always fluctuates according to the time.
  • Specific area fat reduction
    This is positively a myth. You cannot reduce your fat according to your preferred area. The only way to reduce fat from a body is through proper balanced diet and regular exercise. You need to reduce the overall fat of your body to gain positive results.
  • Remove yolk, reduce weight
    It is even said that, eating yolk of the egg increases weight as it contains high calories. So, people only eat the white part of the egg. Due to this, they don’t get proper nutrients from the meal. The yolk contains proteins and fat-fighting nutrients like choline which are good for reducing weight.
  • Slow weight loss is always better
    This isn’t true. According to the study conducted by the researchers in Australia, they studied two groups of dieters. One with a 12-week course, while other with a 36-week course. At the end of both their courses, they found out that both of them reduced a similar amount of weight. So there are no advantages of the effectiveness of losing weight slowly.
  • No eating at night
    It is said that one should eat at least 2 hours before the bedtime. Late night snacking has always been connected with weight loss. But it is not applicable everywhere. Some people always feel hungry at night. By not eating anything can slow down your metabolism rate and increase your fat reserve. So it is much better to eat even though it’s night.
  • Sweat the fat out
    Some people always go to the steam rooms or saunas to lose weight. But it is not useful. Steam rooms only reduce the water weight from the body. This water weight can be gained through a salty meal or a glass of lemonade. Furthermore, it is not advisable to stay in the steam room for a long time as it increases the body temperature which can be harmful to the body.

Losing weight has never been easy for anyone. Following a myth is just a self-assurance for your mind that weight can be lost through these techniques. So, rather than believing, one should always act on the problem. Then, how should one act?

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