7 Healthy Habits That Will Boost Your Energy

Life is just plain exhausting. Admit it, you’re tired. February has already come and  gone, and there’s still so much to do! Lucky for you, we are here to educate you on how to keep your energy up. If you follow these guidelines, you can put a spring in your step this year, and you may even lose weight!

First, let’s talk about consumption. Foods boost our energy by supplying calories. However, some foods provide better, longer-lasting energy than others. So, what are some everyday all-natural, energy-boosting foods? Leafy green vegetables pack an energy punch! Just ask Popeye. Spinach, kale, arugula, chard, virtually every variety, are chockfull of vitamins and minerals that provide a sustained energy boost. Outside of the leafy green family, there is a huge variety of fruits and vegetables that’ll keep you energized too. Snack on your favorites throughout the day. Grapes, peaches, and citrus fruits are particularly energizing. The same goes for broccoli, parsley, and of course, cabbage—a St. Patrick’s Day classic. Find us on pinterest for recipe ideas!


Here’s another idea: Consider trading in your morning coffee for a nutrient-packed green smoothie! Make sure to include a base of dark greens and then add some fruit. These creamy green blends are very effective at boosting energy and they taste like indulgent desserts!


In addition, lean meats prevent blood sugar spikes and give you more steady energy. They help you feel more alert, focused, and fuller longer. Plus they’re an excellent source of protein. Good choices include fish and other seafood, eggs, chicken, and turkey.


In addition to eating well, healthy habits can make a HUGE difference in regards to your day-to-day energy levels. The following 7 healthy habits that will help you get things right!



Breakfast is a gold mine if you want more energy. The best breakfasts deliver plenty of fiber and nutrients through whole fruits and vegetables, good fats, and some type of lean protein. And the food tastes great!



We eat for energy. So it goes without saying that missing any meal during the day leads to greater fatigue by the day’s end. Eat three meals a day to keep your blood sugar steady and your energy up long-term!



Did you know thirst can cause fatigue? There’s a simple solution – drink plenty of water! An ice-cold glass of water can help you wake up and feel alive. Drink half your body weight in oz. of water every day!



This may seem obvious, but we’re going to say it anyway: Make sure you get enough sleep! Have a regular sleep schedule and sleep at least 8 hours each night for full-energy. Why resist? Sleep is wonderful!



If you surround yourself with positive people whenever possible, you’ll increase your energy long-term. Negative people can bring down your mood and cause a stress reaction in your body.  Negativity drains your body of energy and it inhibits weight loss. So, choose carefully—emotions are catching!



Stress burns out the adrenals, and when those are gone, you are left physically and mentally exhausted – even if you’ve spent the whole day in bed. Combat stress by taking regular breaks and doing relaxation activities daily. Listen to music, read a book, meditate, etc. One short break will make a difference!



Taking a few really deep, controlled breaths is one of the best energizers. Techniques can be as simple as inhaling for five seconds, holding your breath for four seconds and exhaling for four seconds. You’ll relax your body, reduce stress, and increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Stop and try this!

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