How Do I Burn Fat?

To Store Fat, or To Burn Fat… That is the Question.

“The bacteria in your gut is what’s making you heavy.” ~Dr. Oz

Are your hormones causing your body to be in store fat or burn fat mode?  Is an imbalance in your gut keeping you from losing weight AND keeping it off?  Are toxins in our environment causing you to retain weight? How about stress?  Did you know stress can cause weight gain?

Our simple Weight Loss Program Assessment can tell you…

These are just a few of the possible reasons Americans are heavier (and sicker) than ever, with 75% of us being overweight!

Today we have more heart disease, diabetes, cancer, allergies, and autoimmune diseases than ever.

There are some obvious reasons for weight gain and poor health.  Too much of the wrong food and too little exercise will do it.  In many cases, however, it’s just not that simple.  We consistently see people in our clinic eating relatively well, exercising, etc., yet unable to lose weight and, more importantly, keep it off.

“I lost 75 pounds in 14 weeks, no longer need insulin or metformin for Type 2 Diabetes and my sugar is absolutely under control. This program changes your lifestyle. My kids are so happy – they think I’ll be around for a while now. I can’t say enough about this… you have to do it!” ~Steve Light, Phoenix, AZ

(* The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.)

In most instances, they are suffering from an imbalance in the body. Most of us, for instance, have an imbalance of bacteria in the gut, which triggers fat storage hormones. This also leads to yeast growth (i.e., candida) which causes cravings for sugar, flour, grains, alcohol, etc., and the cycle continues.

Why don’t I experience results or fast weight loss?


Stress can also seriously derail weight loss plans. Whether it be current stress or from the past, the brain can learn a stress pattern.  It gets “stuck” in Beta wavelength which causes a chronic release of the hormone cortisol, a powerful fat storage hormone.  A 20-minute session of SMT (Self Mastery Technology) can begin to re-balance the brain.

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Toxins also cause us to gain weight. Studies show, on average, Americans have 400-800 toxins or chemicals in their fat cells. The body tries to keep these toxins diluted by keeping as much fat as possible in the cells. Our cleansing programs focus on removing the toxins so you can lose the fat.

Ultimately, successful long term weight loss should be about restoring balance and focusing on becoming as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, we tend to try to lose weight at the expense of our health through things like high protein diets, drugs like H.C.G., Phen Phen, etc., and wonder why we’re always dieting.

Our approach is dramatically different. First, we find out why you’re overweight through a simple yet sophisticated assessment. Then, we customize a specific plan for you which may include:

  • Rejuvenating/cleansing
  • Triggering fat burning hormones vs. fat storing ones
  • Minimizing the effects of stress on the brain with S.M.T.
  • Balancing gut bacteria

When you focus on restoring health you’ll experience fast weight loss naturally and keep it off for life.

“Follow it exactly…I’ve lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks.” ~Julie Jones, Fountain Hills, AZ

(* The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors.)