The Proof is NOT in the Pudding. Proven Weight Loss Plans That DON’T Involve Diets

When you compare weight loss programs, you start to see that they fall into different categories.  Some focus on reducing certain types of foods like low- or no-carb diets, sugar-free diets, or fat free diets.  Others focus on reducing all-around calorie intake.  And then there are the kind of crash diets that force you to change your habits dramatically in order to attempt to lose a lot of weight fast.  But fancy diets tend to come and go.  A natural detox cleanse may help with digestive issues but isn’t a permanent way to maintain your ideal weight. Here are some proven weight loss plans that aren’t all about a dramatic diet.

Calorie Counting

The basic problem for most people who battle with being overweight is too many calories.  Calorie counting weight loss programs work because they help people to look more closely at their day-to-day habits.  When you compare weight loss programs from some of the biggest names in the business, you’ll see that a lot of them break down to simply counting calories.  However, unless you’re also conscious of where those calories come from, you could cause or exacerbate digestive issues.

Whole Foods vs. Snacking

Another major hurdle is the quality of food that we eat on a regular basis.  It’s much healthier to cook your own meals so you can control what goes into your food.  But nobody has time for that! Processed foods are a major contributor to digestive issues and unhealthy weight gain.  If you cut out processed foods, make your own meals from whole foods, and stop snacking you’ll be changing your eating habits for the better – good for your body, mind, and waistline!

Natural Detox Cleanses

The major benefits of a natural detox cleanse are usually misunderstood.  A cleanse will reduce your weight while you do it, but you do need to eat again eventually and some weight will always come back.  However, when you cleanse your body, you can deal with digestive issues and any food addictions you may have.  (See our blog post on natural detox cleanses) After a natural detox cleanse, you may find it easier to stick to a weight loss plan that is more permanent and effective because you’re no longer craving junk foods and you feel great about being clean on the inside.

Compare weight loss programs, give yourself a break with a natural detox cleanse and then move forward with permanent, healthy changes to your eating habits.