The Symptoms Below Are A Sign Of A

Body Out Of Balance...

Rather Than Managing Them (Using Meds, etc) We Empower You To Heal From Within, Restoring Balance and Health...

Weight Gain


Type 2 Diabetes

Digestive Problems

Aches & Pain

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Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic in Phoenix

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Mission Statement

We educate and empower individuals to become vibrantly healthy for a lifetime by proactively building health from within VS reactively treating symptoms. We do this through nutritional cleansing, metabolism rebooting and rebalancing the body.

When it comes to healthcare, you have 2 choices

At Platinum Wellness we don’t treat disease or symptoms, rather we empower you to restore your health by correcting the source of the problem and help your body heal from the inside.

We start with a simple assumption- you were designed to be active, energized and vibrantly healthy.  If you’re not, there’s a reason! – Something is preventing you from living the life you were designed to live! We find that “Something” and empower you to correct it, rather than simply managing symptoms.

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Burn Fat Now

Burn Fat Now – Cleanse & Reboot

Many factors can cause your body to be in fat-storage vs. fat-burning mode, making sustained weight loss difficult to say the least!  An imbalance in healthy gut bacteria (eventually causing gas, reflux, constipation, bloating, etc.), environmental toxins, sluggish adrenals/thyroid and current or past stress are a few of the things we screen for to get to the CAUSE of weight gain. Call to schedule a consultation!

Symptoms of Body Imbalances

Symptoms of Body Imbalances

At Platinum Wellness we don’t treat disease or symptoms, rather empower people to restore health by correcting the source of the problem.

Weight Gain,  Hypothyroid
Type 2 Diabetes
Digestive Problems
Leaky Gut/Candida
Autoimmune & Metabolic Disorders
Aches & PainsStress

How We Restore Balance

How We Restore Balance

Along with customized nutrition plans, coaching and local organically grown supplements, our specialized modalities will help you look and feel your best by cleansing, detoxifying and rebooting your body.

Customized Supplementation
Nutrition Coaching
Body wrapsLipoLaser
Rejuvenation & Cleanse

Dr. Anthony Infantino

Dr. Anthony Infantino

A Doctor of Chiropractic with a post graduate education in functional medicine and clinical nutrition, Dr. Infantino is a Graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. He has brought his message of proactive healthcare to thousands in the Valley and nationally for over 20 years. He has empowered 10,000+ patients to reclaim their health by focusing on removing the cause of disease rather than medicating symptoms.

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Platinum Wellness can help you trigger fat burning hormones

*You’ve tried “everything” but are still dealing with one or more of these problems: excess body fat, fatigue, digestive issues, foggy thinking, sluggish thyroid, hormone imbalances, aches and pains and feelings of depression. Learn the connection and what you can do now! Our simple assessment can tell you!

Have you tried everything

Does weight loss feel impossible no matter what you do? Do you feel tired, depressed or experience foggy thinking?  There is a reason for these type of symptoms and it has less to do with “dieting” and exercise than most people think.

Your body may need to hit the reset button to allow it to work like it was designed. The first step is to watch our video to learn more about the root cause of fat storage (not weight loss) and then take advantage of a personal and private consultation to see if Platinum Wellness is right for you.


Dr. Infantino will find the SOURCE of your challenges and show you how to rebalance your body to burn fat quickly without surgery, drugs, stimulants, shots or spending all your free time at the gym.

We start with a simple assumption; you were designed to be active, energetic and vibrantly healthy. If you’re not, there’s a reason – some type of interference preventing you from living the life you were designed to live.